Preparation for the Arrival of Your Baby!

28 Dec
Preparation for the Arrival of Your Baby!

Some new mommies that I know of are not really that rich to afford every branded clothes for their upcoming child, so preparing for baby nursery clothing is really a headache. Some also just follow the list that our OB booklet gave us but ending up spending a lot in baby nursery clothing that are not really useful and optional things are just around the corner of the house.

In my own experience, as I have a one-year-old child now, I   did regret buying expensive baby clothes and other stuffs that is unnecessary.  So I made a list of baby nursery clothing on what-to-buy so that I can really save money later if I’m going to get pregnant again and to help other women out who has a tight budget and would love to save money for other expenses.

List of Baby Nursery Clothing:

1)      Sulapa

  •     Tie side shirt                    8pcs.
  •      Long sleeves                   4pcs.
  •     Short sleeves                   6pcs.

2)      Pajamas

  • Pajamas (small)                  4pcs.
  • Pajamas(medium)               6pcs.

3)      Blankets

  • Blanket w/ a hood               3pcs.
  • Blankets                            1dozen

4)      Mittens                                     12pairs

5)      Socks                                       12pairs

6)      Bibs                                          6pcs.

7)      Disposable diapers                    12pcs/1pack

8)      Binders                                    6pcs.

9)      Towels                                      2pcs.

10)   Basin(optional)                           1pc

11)   Cotton                                        1pack

12)   Bath soap                                   1

13)   Baby Powder                              1

14)   Baby Oil                                     1

15)   Cotton Swabs                             1pack

16)   Hair Brush                                  1pc.

17)   Nail Cutter                                   1pc.

18)   Baby’s Cabinet(optional)

19)   Baby bag(optional)

If you have relatives, cousins or friends who still have their baby nursery clothing, then it’s better to borrow rather than to buy these stuffs. Things such as mittens, sulapa are only good for 0-3mos old babies.  After 2-3mos mommies would like to take off mittens in order for them to explore  their hands.

I did not include buying baby caps/hats it’s because nowadays, nurses explain that it is better not use baby cap/hats so that a cradle cap would be avoided.

I also found out that baby bathes which are very expensive in stores is unnecessary and inconvenient for new born babies as they cannot control their head and still unable to balance at this time. Usually mommies bathe their child with towels to avoid slipping accidents. You can also use your small basin to bathe your baby.

If you have an available cabinet for baby nursery clothing in your home, you can use it as long as you can get them organized. And a bag with compartments to put things on when you’re going out is good enough.

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