Baby Developmental Milestones 0-3mos.

07 Feb

I can’t believe it’s been a year since our little angel arrived! Being a first timer mom tending a child is a very challenging role. I always looked up to her photo albums to see how far she’s changed over a year each time I reminisce about her developmental milestones. It always amazed me how her developmental milestones went. From just lifting her head to sitting up without any assistance, how crawling goes to walking, how her gibberish talks went to real words and on and on. And so I thought I’d like to make a journal about her developmental milestones and some other tips, knowing there might be moms out there who could use this as a guide.

0 to 3 mos. Old infant

Baby is always asleep at first month it usually ranges to 2-4hrs. You will have enough time for yourself, bathe time, relax time, update with families and friends through net or just sleep with your baby if you’re tired or just save your energy for the evening or early morning as babies usually wakes 1-4am or 2-6am, it is a nightmare for mommies, especially if you decide to tend the baby alone. To diagnose problems whenever the baby is crying either she needs a diaper change or needs to be fed, bitten by ants or any insects, has a stomach gas pain  or rashes problems is not an easy task.

I got dilemma on what diaper brand to use, at first I use Pampers diaper, she can easily get rashes, (i don’t have the intention to ruin Pampers diaper reputation it just didn’t work for my baby) and then switch brand to EQ diaper and stick with it for a long time.  For rashes problems, some told me to buy cornstarch (gaw-gaw), or any cornstarch baby powder. It took time to heal rashes. Calmoseptine ointment can eliminate diaper rashes faster.  For stomach gas pain problems I use chamomile oil or commonly known as Aceite de Mansanilla it’s cheap and is tested.

Only in breastfeeding that you can provide colostrum to your baby, colostrum is produced by the mammary gland of a mother prior to the production of milk.  Only colostrum collected from the single first milking within 0-6 hours after birth maintains nature’s perfect balance and highest levels of immunological and body regulating biologically active proteins. Breastfeeding is an absolute answer to feed my baby. It is free and the best food for babies, so why use a formula milk?

Vitamin A is acquire through sunlight, so every morning since day 1 we sun bathe her, lack of sunlight exposure causes pimple-like rashes in baby’s skin, it made her look pale-yellowish and is not good to my baby’s health.

Her navel cord went-off after a week, nurses will suggest no to touch that area but just pour a 75% solution isopropyl alcohol every after bath to disinfect it in order to avoid infections.

In just a week, my baby can lift her head, moves head side to side, at first I was a bit worried about it because I wasn’t informed that a baby can do that in a short period of time, some cannot support or control their heads. To be followed by lifting heads when lying on her tummy about 45-degree angle. And can follow familiar faces and objects 16-18inches away. She has a strong muscle reflex, a lot of kicking and putting her hands on her face. She can bursts aahh and ohh sounds.

I decided not to put mittens when she was at 2mos. so that she will be able to explore her hands. Later on, I noticed she reaches, grasps and shakes dangling objects or any objects, can recognize and smile for real at familiar faces and objects too even at distance.

At 3mos. she enjoyed rolling over usually stomach to back and started to crawl. Gurgling gibberish words like ahh, mmm, dada.

These were photos taken since her  first day ’til 3 months of age.

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“We were proud of her early “can-do developmental milestones”, back in days when I was pregnant we invested on prescribed vitamins and Anmum milk not to mention the regular appointments to my obgyne just to ensure our baby’s health.”

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