Baby Developmental Milestones 7-9mos.

19 Feb

My baby naps 2-3times a day usually just an hour naps and sleeps 11-13 hours at night. She can sit without any assistance, let her crawl and most especially strived hard to stand by holding or grasping something on the wall. She’s been curious about feeding herself, so I provided her finger foods such as flakes, small size biscuits and any dry foods and it was messy.  Poor baby crying on something and it will be a minute or two that I realized she’s bitten by ants, so I sweep the floor right after her snack time for ants will be just around to collect those leftover pieces.

At 7-9mos she can imitate sounds and can say dah-dah, ah-ah, bah-bah, em, mama, papa, geh, nah-nah, tah-tah, waa, haay, am-am, nam-nam, murmured gibberish words and its quite fun! Can also distinguish different emotion through my voice, turns in the direction of a voice and responded to her name whenever I call her.

Symptoms of teething occur at this age, she starts on biting my nipple, biting anything that she can hold, drooling which leads to her facial rashes, starting to refuse foods due to her gum swelling. To ease her tender swollen gum problem, I put a paste/ointment to soothe her gum prescribed by her pedia. Clean her gums every after feeding. There’s a distinct toothbrush, mouth brush only for babies available in pharmacies and department store.

Fever, diarrhea and vomiting will not be acquired through teething. Fever appears whenever the baby has an infection. Diarrhea and vomiting happens when a baby eat or bite any object that is not disinfected as explain to me by her pedia.

It was hard to go somewhere else and leave her to people that was new to her. Stranger anxiety is part of their development too so don’t get angry whenever that happened. If you are about to leave her, just bid goodbye and go out quickly. Babies cry for minutes and will be busy for her toys or the person who’s tending her/him.

Now’s the time to play peek-a-boo, dance with the beat of the music, hide-and-seek for her toys,  just let her play her toys as she’s been interested in testing the gravity dropping her toy and looked for it. Make sure that your house or the place you decide to let her roam around is far from any tiny objects, babies would like to play toys with their mouth.

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We were proud of her early “can-do developmental milestones”, back in days when I was pregnant we invested on prescribed vitamins and Anmum milk not to mention the regular appointments to my obgyne just to ensure our baby’s health.

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