City Mayor’s Office: Business Permit and Licenses Division

07 Mar

List of Requirements Acquiring a Business Permit

Business Permit – New

  1. Barangay Clearance
  2. Community Tax Certificate (CTC)
  3. DTI registration for sole proprietorship
  4. CDA Registration for Cooperative
  5. SEC Reg’n. & Article of Incorporation for Corporation
  6. SEC REg’n. & Article of Partnership for Partnership
  7. Duly Accomplished application form
  8. Land Tax Clearance – City Treasurer’s Office
  9. Local Imposition and Assessment Sheet
  10. Fiscal Examination (under CTO) approval for capitalization
  11. CPDO Business Location Clearance
  12. CHO Sanitary Permit
  13. CENRO Environmental Clearance
  14. CEO Building Official Clearance
  15. Tax Declaration if the land and building is owned by the owner of the business establishment
  16. Lease Contract if the establishment is renting the space where the business is located
  17. SSS Clearance
  18. Philhealth Clearance
  19. Pag-ibig Clearance
  20. BFP Fire Safety Certificate
  21. BIR Annual Registration
  22. Other requirements depending on the nature of the business
  23. Official Receipt (CTO)

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