My GrandMother: Marina Tatoy Tablo

07 Mar
My GrandMother: Marina Tatoy Tablo

A mother to her daughter, a grandmother to her granddaughter and a great grandmother to her great grandkids, it is as simple as you look at it but behind the scene it is as complicated and a very complex role given to a person. My grandmother, Mrs. Marina Tatoy Tablo is one of the simplest, most hardworking human being to seize any obstacles that comes in life.

At the age of 47, her husband, my grandfather passed away which left her with 10 kids to feed. But never did she falter in her helpless situation. But with lack of educational attainment, no company would hire her. Instead, with her simple cooking skill and friendly approached to each customer, she sold viands and other stuffs at the front of their house. In that way, she had fed her kids and even sent them to school. Good thing that my uncles and aunts are intelligent enough to avail scholarships. Their intelligence made them through education and stepped out of poverty line. Only 3 out of 10 of her kids did not finish schools, one was deceased and the two son’s interests were on the other field.

Their lives were not that easy before, I could imagine how my grandmother managed to budget everything. My mother and aunts used to rant about our demands on things we’d love to have which are unnecessary stuffs. In their teenage time, they cannot get anything they want they have to work on it before having it. They can only get things they needed and most of the time it was not provided to them. But nonetheless, they’re glad that my grandmother did not give up on them but she’s not the stage-mother type, she pushed them to their limits, hard enough to face their own problems so that they can stand on their own.

And even now, that they have their own families, husbands and wives, even to us grandkids. Her unfailing advised were classics. We can talk about tending the garden, babies, how life works, marriage and reminds me that life isn’t a magical fairy tale, you’ll have to work out on it to be in great success.

Last March 4, 2012 her kids, special mention her daughter Te Bem and Mommy Lai from Australia, threw a debut-party like celebration for her 72nd birthday. A gift that is intended to show gratitude on how she has touched our lives.

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We can only wish her nothing but good health, happiness and more birthdays to come!


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4 responses to “My GrandMother: Marina Tatoy Tablo

  1. novy

    March 7, 2012 at 10:31 AM

    Very well said Grace. Very well said….Love your site

  2. bariles

    March 8, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    Happy birthday to your Grandma! She deserves all the love and attention and care from you, her grandkids and kids.

    She reminds me so much of my mom (God bless her soul) who was the eldest in a brood of 9. They must be in the same mold. Thanks.

    Keep on writing about stuff like this, Grace and share it to the rest of the world. You’re one good writer. Happy blogging!

    • gracielouloable

      March 10, 2012 at 9:51 PM

      I’ve been subscribing your GenSanMag site and it’s such an honor getting a compliment from you! I never thought blogging could be a good diversion from my daily routine. I will keep on writing. Thanks, you are such a good influence!


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