Flowers do Bloom, Plants do Bear!

11 Mar

We just moved in our own house last November and everything starts at the beginning since it was abandoned for years. The first time I took a peek in our place was devastating. Vines, weeds, trees and wild plants are everywhere and it’s not easy to get rid of those, especially deep-rooted weeds.

So I made a promised to myself that I will turn it into a safe playground to my baby and a place to stay for visitors at night. It’s not well-developed yet, I’ll just update my blog when it’s finished.

It was a time consuming work but I found myself mused in tending the garden, putting healthy soil, planning for the landscape and selecting right plants to plant. I planted chili plants, kalamansi, tomatoes, camote tops vines, okra and spring onions. Better to utilize our area with useful plants to help us economize.  I always like flowers, it brings color to any place and i found serenity just by looking at it.  I can pick up flowers when they bloom to put inside the living room, my consolations. I’m not good with flower, plants names but as far as I know, my flowers were all different varieties of daisies, other colorful ornamental shrub plants.

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Sorry! i forgot to take pictures of my vegetable plants 🙂

To make a shed I planted “Millionaire’s Vine useful during daytime. Hopefully it will vine gracefully after 3 months. Hopefully it will look like this:

Millionaire's Vine


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2 responses to “Flowers do Bloom, Plants do Bear!

  1. eof737

    March 12, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Lovely shots and settings. 😉


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