Body Detox – Challenge Accepted!

26 Mar
Body Detox – Challenge Accepted!

I think it’s time for a body detoxification. As we’re living in my parent’s home for days, we cannot control the meals for the day. The fridge is full packed with pork and beef meat. My father loves to cook heavy meals, all the time! It felt like I’m having an indigestion and I’m uncomfortable with it. i’ve been told once that pork and beef meat will be digested and will put into waste after couple of days. I feel heavy, lazy, sleepy and have headaches every now and then. Maybe detoxification could of great help to rejuvenate my body and to get back of my old energetic self again.

Body detox from what I’ve learned is about cleansing the bloodstream, flushing toxins and bacteria, parasites and fungi out of our body. Our body automatically releases toxins everyday but with some factors like air pollution and food preservatives, etcetera, might weaken our body system.

There are many ways to do the body detox. I, on the other hand had modified my so-called body detoxification program for 72 hours. Here’s my list;

  1. Fasting – no heavy meals (rice & meat) throughout the three (3) day detox. I don’t know if it’s still called fasting since I’m going to intake some fibrous veggies, fruits
  2. No smoking – this is the hardest part of the challenge. But anyway, I’m determined!
  3. Drinking the right fluids- no coffee, no beers for me drink lots of water and drinking fruit juices and tea not a slimming tea, of course!
  4. Exercise – dance or yoga exercise for an hour, it is one way of releasing toxins out of our body.

I’ll do this next week. Some would laugh and say that I cannot last a day, but with the courage and determination I have – Challenge Accepted!


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2 responses to “Body Detox – Challenge Accepted!

  1. gigoid

    March 26, 2012 at 2:07 AM

    Good on ya! Keep in mind, with such a rapid detox, there may be side effects of the toxins being released; the body builds up tolerances to the toxins, and when they suddenly disappear, it can cause other symptoms. Common are headaches, restlessness, or even nausea… so monitor your condition closely when making rapid changes… the tolerances built over time, and require some little bit to make their way out without harm…. take care….

    • gracielouloable

      March 29, 2012 at 5:49 AM

      Yes! thanks for the information mate! I usually do crash diets before and i’ve experienced those side effects so I know what to expect. 🙂


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