My Thupsi-kun a Pomeranian Spitz (2009-2010)

02 Apr
My Thupsi-kun a Pomeranian Spitz (2009-2010)

Thupsi was the first pet I ever loved as long as I can remember. We had pets in our house but I didn’t paid much attention. Thupsi was a Pomeranian spitz. My boyfriend (husband) gave me a two month old pomeranian spitz as a gift on my graduation. It was the first time that we have a high breed pet since we usually have azkals given to us by our neighbors and family friends. My parents didn’t bother to buy for a high breed cutie puppies as it’s really expensive.

Thupsi was loved by everyone, my mother bought her foods and shampoos. She loves to take a bath and loved to be pampered and groomed, one of pomeranian’s favorites I guess. My siblings liked to play with her. She’s a smart puppy, a territorial one and would not easily be frightened by anything. She knows where to poop or to pee so we don’t worry much about her waste.

We’d given her a vaccination, immunization and anti-rabies injection. One time, she’d been sick so I rushed her to city veterinarian for free drugs. Injected her with a penicillin-based anti-biotic. But only to found her getting worse, her gums and lips turned violet so I really panicked. I don’t understand why the city vet cannot explain to me what’s wrong with my pet. I heard that there were many incidents that the city vet is really not in good help with that matter. Their dogs die and there’s nothing they can do about it. There were many complains but nobody dare to file for a legal complain.

Then we rushed her to the nearest veterinarian private clinic without a minute waste. We learned that a Pomeranian spits has a severe allergic reaction to a penicillin-based drugs and allergic to chocolates, which leads to indigestion. He prescribed the right drugs, antibiotics and she gets well again.

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