Right Food for the Right Size: Lucas the Labrador Retriever

04 Apr
Right Food for the Right Size: Lucas the Labrador Retriever

We have a pet named Lucas, a Labrador Retriever. He’s not a usual dog in a house yard here in the Philippines. We commonly have “azkals” a mixed breed of beagle, mutt, tyke etcetera. Those dogs are small in size unlike our Lucas a Labrador retriever is somewhat huge! And unlike our other dogs named Chixi a maltese-pomeranian and Thupsi a Pomeranian-spitz they’re small and easy to feed.

We usually feed them with our leftover foods. This Labrador retriever is an exceptional. At first we feed him with our left over foods but we’re having problem with his satisfaction. Naturally in his size, he has to eat rice mixed with fish in a basin size. But as he is growing older, his hunger would not be sufficed with what we offer. We’ll feed him 7pm, then he’ll bark 2am ‘til morning asking for food. It’s really a trouble. We worry that our neighbors will complain.

So my husband ask advises from experts in petting a Labrador retriever. They said that it’s wrong to feed a Labrador retriever with human food. The nutrients they get from human food are not enough. That is why there are dog foods consist with the nutrients a dog needs.

It’s hard to switch food immediately since he’s not used to the taste of dog food. So one night, the first thing we do is to mix the human food with dog food. It’s a great relief when he doesn’t bark asking for food ‘til 8am in the morning. We planned to feed him dog food in the future so we’ll feed him with a small amount of human food with dog food and eventually, just the dog food.


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