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Baby Developmental Milestones 10-12mos.

A baby 10-12mos old is a very busy baby, as they have learned things acquired from their experiences. You will not worry too much in changing diapers, because babies pee 4-5times only and poop once a day if he/she does not have a diarrhea. I, on the other hand do not put diapers when we’re just at home and lucky for me she doesn’t pee during night time while at asleep!

At baby’s 10mos onward, pay full attention to him/her. You cannot stop them from throwing things. Baby understands the permanence of an object. Can transfer objects from one hand to the other. You can play hiding her interest object.  And usually cries when you remove the toy he/she is holding, you will find your baby looking for it. Push and pull or stands to furniture such as small tables, chairs, figurines and etcetera. My baby can stand alone for seconds and while standing either she’s up to the table or chair while dancing or reaching for an object which lead her to stumble or fall. It’s better to put away things that can be broken and any unstable furniture at home wherein you let your baby play.

My baby crawls well also walks with my help but can walk when she reached 12months. She claps her hand when happy or gratified, waves bye-bye when someone bids farewell, still have a stranger anxiety, pointing to things that are out of reach, and grasps tiny things between thumb and forefinger, understands the meaning of “no” and shakes head while saying “no”. Understand simple commands like stop, eat, drink, dance and others. She begins to identify herself in a mirror and later on I found her mimicking me combing her hair. I got a big smile whenever she’s taking a bathe, swimming in the pool, brushing teeth, we’re going out as she loves a big crowd. Demands to wear beautiful dresses and says “wow” seeing colorful shimmering objects such as necklaces, bracelets, Christmas lights stuffs like that. She also loved to read books and can identify books, balls, stars, moon, birds, flowers and butterflies in graphics.

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We were proud of her early “can-do developmental milestones”, back in days when I was pregnant we invested on prescribed vitamins and Anmum milk not to mention the regular appointments to my obgyne just to ensure our baby’s health.

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Baby Developmental Milestones 7-9mos.

My baby naps 2-3times a day usually just an hour naps and sleeps 11-13 hours at night. She can sit without any assistance, let her crawl and most especially strived hard to stand by holding or grasping something on the wall. She’s been curious about feeding herself, so I provided her finger foods such as flakes, small size biscuits and any dry foods and it was messy.  Poor baby crying on something and it will be a minute or two that I realized she’s bitten by ants, so I sweep the floor right after her snack time for ants will be just around to collect those leftover pieces.

At 7-9mos she can imitate sounds and can say dah-dah, ah-ah, bah-bah, em, mama, papa, geh, nah-nah, tah-tah, waa, haay, am-am, nam-nam, murmured gibberish words and its quite fun! Can also distinguish different emotion through my voice, turns in the direction of a voice and responded to her name whenever I call her.

Symptoms of teething occur at this age, she starts on biting my nipple, biting anything that she can hold, drooling which leads to her facial rashes, starting to refuse foods due to her gum swelling. To ease her tender swollen gum problem, I put a paste/ointment to soothe her gum prescribed by her pedia. Clean her gums every after feeding. There’s a distinct toothbrush, mouth brush only for babies available in pharmacies and department store.

Fever, diarrhea and vomiting will not be acquired through teething. Fever appears whenever the baby has an infection. Diarrhea and vomiting happens when a baby eat or bite any object that is not disinfected as explain to me by her pedia.

It was hard to go somewhere else and leave her to people that was new to her. Stranger anxiety is part of their development too so don’t get angry whenever that happened. If you are about to leave her, just bid goodbye and go out quickly. Babies cry for minutes and will be busy for her toys or the person who’s tending her/him.

Now’s the time to play peek-a-boo, dance with the beat of the music, hide-and-seek for her toys,  just let her play her toys as she’s been interested in testing the gravity dropping her toy and looked for it. Make sure that your house or the place you decide to let her roam around is far from any tiny objects, babies would like to play toys with their mouth.

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We were proud of her early “can-do developmental milestones”, back in days when I was pregnant we invested on prescribed vitamins and Anmum milk not to mention the regular appointments to my obgyne just to ensure our baby’s health.

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Baby Developmental Milestones 4-6 mos.

Sleepless nights are over when the baby reaches 4mos. as they are able to sleep 6-7 hours max. Do not get easily irritated when your baby cries in the middle of the night. It’s their only way to communicate with you. He/she might be in a need of a diaper change, needs to be fed, uncomfortable or has a stomach gas pain.

For stomach problem, you have to rub chamomile oil or commonly known as Aceite de Mansanilla to her belly, at her lower back, palms and feet or better yet apply it on your baby after a baby night bath.

Walking is good for my health and heart it serves as my exercise also to trim down my postpartum fats.I loved to walk her in the morning around the subdivision, not to gossip around the neighborhood but to open her in a new dimension, another environment. It amuses me each time she squeals in delight with a high pitch of tone whenever she sees animals like dogs, cats, birds and other moving objects. She can produce some vowel-consonant sounds also.

It’s a mother’s instinct when breastmilk is not enough and the baby’s weaning. I went to her pedia for consultations and got the go-signal to introduce her to her first food when she reached 5mos. At this month, my baby can roll over, sit with minimal support, use the walker, crawl and grab her toys preferably black, white and red colors. I’ve been told that they  can see across the room but cannot see clearly until they’re 6mos., those high contrast colors attracts baby’s attention and curiosity. I washed toys every now and then because at her stage she explore objects with mouth, licking or biting it. Toys should not be in bite size they might chew and swallow it which leads to a serious problem.

Being a meticulous mother is a good trait. I research, seek advises and listen to her pedia about anything for my baby’s sake. I had read articles about toys from China being recalled due to lead paint and other poisonous substances used in their toy mass production. So be cautious to what stuffs you will offer to your baby. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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We were proud of her early “can-do developmental milestones”, back in days when I was pregnant we invested on prescribed vitamins and Anmum milk not to mention the regular appointments to my obgyne just to ensure our baby’s health.

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Baby Developmental Milestones 0-3mos.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since our little angel arrived! Being a first timer mom tending a child is a very challenging role. I always looked up to her photo albums to see how far she’s changed over a year each time I reminisce about her developmental milestones. It always amazed me how her developmental milestones went. From just lifting her head to sitting up without any assistance, how crawling goes to walking, how her gibberish talks went to real words and on and on. And so I thought I’d like to make a journal about her developmental milestones and some other tips, knowing there might be moms out there who could use this as a guide.

0 to 3 mos. Old infant

Baby is always asleep at first month it usually ranges to 2-4hrs. You will have enough time for yourself, bathe time, relax time, update with families and friends through net or just sleep with your baby if you’re tired or just save your energy for the evening or early morning as babies usually wakes 1-4am or 2-6am, it is a nightmare for mommies, especially if you decide to tend the baby alone. To diagnose problems whenever the baby is crying either she needs a diaper change or needs to be fed, bitten by ants or any insects, has a stomach gas pain  or rashes problems is not an easy task.

I got dilemma on what diaper brand to use, at first I use Pampers diaper, she can easily get rashes, (i don’t have the intention to ruin Pampers diaper reputation it just didn’t work for my baby) and then switch brand to EQ diaper and stick with it for a long time.  For rashes problems, some told me to buy cornstarch (gaw-gaw), or any cornstarch baby powder. It took time to heal rashes. Calmoseptine ointment can eliminate diaper rashes faster.  For stomach gas pain problems I use chamomile oil or commonly known as Aceite de Mansanilla it’s cheap and is tested.

Only in breastfeeding that you can provide colostrum to your baby, colostrum is produced by the mammary gland of a mother prior to the production of milk.  Only colostrum collected from the single first milking within 0-6 hours after birth maintains nature’s perfect balance and highest levels of immunological and body regulating biologically active proteins. Breastfeeding is an absolute answer to feed my baby. It is free and the best food for babies, so why use a formula milk?

Vitamin A is acquire through sunlight, so every morning since day 1 we sun bathe her, lack of sunlight exposure causes pimple-like rashes in baby’s skin, it made her look pale-yellowish and is not good to my baby’s health.

Her navel cord went-off after a week, nurses will suggest no to touch that area but just pour a 75% solution isopropyl alcohol every after bath to disinfect it in order to avoid infections.

In just a week, my baby can lift her head, moves head side to side, at first I was a bit worried about it because I wasn’t informed that a baby can do that in a short period of time, some cannot support or control their heads. To be followed by lifting heads when lying on her tummy about 45-degree angle. And can follow familiar faces and objects 16-18inches away. She has a strong muscle reflex, a lot of kicking and putting her hands on her face. She can bursts aahh and ohh sounds.

I decided not to put mittens when she was at 2mos. so that she will be able to explore her hands. Later on, I noticed she reaches, grasps and shakes dangling objects or any objects, can recognize and smile for real at familiar faces and objects too even at distance.

At 3mos. she enjoyed rolling over usually stomach to back and started to crawl. Gurgling gibberish words like ahh, mmm, dada.

These were photos taken since her  first day ’til 3 months of age.

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“We were proud of her early “can-do developmental milestones”, back in days when I was pregnant we invested on prescribed vitamins and Anmum milk not to mention the regular appointments to my obgyne just to ensure our baby’s health.”

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Preparation for the Arrival of Your Baby!

Preparation for the Arrival of Your Baby!

Some new mommies that I know of are not really that rich to afford every branded clothes for their upcoming child, so preparing for baby nursery clothing is really a headache. Some also just follow the list that our OB booklet gave us but ending up spending a lot in baby nursery clothing that are not really useful and optional things are just around the corner of the house.

In my own experience, as I have a one-year-old child now, I   did regret buying expensive baby clothes and other stuffs that is unnecessary.  So I made a list of baby nursery clothing on what-to-buy so that I can really save money later if I’m going to get pregnant again and to help other women out who has a tight budget and would love to save money for other expenses.

List of Baby Nursery Clothing:

1)      Sulapa

  •     Tie side shirt                    8pcs.
  •      Long sleeves                   4pcs.
  •     Short sleeves                   6pcs.

2)      Pajamas

  • Pajamas (small)                  4pcs.
  • Pajamas(medium)               6pcs.

3)      Blankets

  • Blanket w/ a hood               3pcs.
  • Blankets                            1dozen

4)      Mittens                                     12pairs

5)      Socks                                       12pairs

6)      Bibs                                          6pcs.

7)      Disposable diapers                    12pcs/1pack

8)      Binders                                    6pcs.

9)      Towels                                      2pcs.

10)   Basin(optional)                           1pc

11)   Cotton                                        1pack

12)   Bath soap                                   1

13)   Baby Powder                              1

14)   Baby Oil                                     1

15)   Cotton Swabs                             1pack

16)   Hair Brush                                  1pc.

17)   Nail Cutter                                   1pc.

18)   Baby’s Cabinet(optional)

19)   Baby bag(optional)

If you have relatives, cousins or friends who still have their baby nursery clothing, then it’s better to borrow rather than to buy these stuffs. Things such as mittens, sulapa are only good for 0-3mos old babies.  After 2-3mos mommies would like to take off mittens in order for them to explore  their hands.

I did not include buying baby caps/hats it’s because nowadays, nurses explain that it is better not use baby cap/hats so that a cradle cap would be avoided.

I also found out that baby bathes which are very expensive in stores is unnecessary and inconvenient for new born babies as they cannot control their head and still unable to balance at this time. Usually mommies bathe their child with towels to avoid slipping accidents. You can also use your small basin to bathe your baby.

If you have an available cabinet for baby nursery clothing in your home, you can use it as long as you can get them organized. And a bag with compartments to put things on when you’re going out is good enough.

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