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Body Detoxification Later

Its been a while since I told everyone I’m going for a body detoxification. Actually I was having my doubts if it will affect my baby’s health since I am still breastfeeding her. Luckily it’s still good as long I will have 1,800 calories of food intake, and fruit juices are strongly advised.

But there are loads of articles I read that It’s harmful for my baby, “You do not want to detoxify while breastfeeding because the released toxins will migrate into your milk.” they say. I’m still nursing my baby, so until then. I’m thinking of another options and it’s about going green, eating less carbs and more fibrous foods. Mmm that will do for now.

Any suggestions?

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Body Detox – Challenge Accepted!

Body Detox – Challenge Accepted!

I think it’s time for a body detoxification. As we’re living in my parent’s home for days, we cannot control the meals for the day. The fridge is full packed with pork and beef meat. My father loves to cook heavy meals, all the time! It felt like I’m having an indigestion and I’m uncomfortable with it. i’ve been told once that pork and beef meat will be digested and will put into waste after couple of days. I feel heavy, lazy, sleepy and have headaches every now and then. Maybe detoxification could of great help to rejuvenate my body and to get back of my old energetic self again.

Body detox from what I’ve learned is about cleansing the bloodstream, flushing toxins and bacteria, parasites and fungi out of our body. Our body automatically releases toxins everyday but with some factors like air pollution and food preservatives, etcetera, might weaken our body system.

There are many ways to do the body detox. I, on the other hand had modified my so-called body detoxification program for 72 hours. Here’s my list;

  1. Fasting – no heavy meals (rice & meat) throughout the three (3) day detox. I don’t know if it’s still called fasting since I’m going to intake some fibrous veggies, fruits
  2. No smoking – this is the hardest part of the challenge. But anyway, I’m determined!
  3. Drinking the right fluids- no coffee, no beers for me drink lots of water and drinking fruit juices and tea not a slimming tea, of course!
  4. Exercise – dance or yoga exercise for an hour, it is one way of releasing toxins out of our body.

I’ll do this next week. Some would laugh and say that I cannot last a day, but with the courage and determination I have – Challenge Accepted!


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The Side Effects of Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

The Side Effects of Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee.

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The Side Effects of Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

The Side Effects of Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

It’s not a miracle drinking leisure 18 slimming coffee. It promised you to lose weight within 18 days with out any side effects whatsoever. However I experienced these side effects:

  • Hyperactive.
  • Feel thirsty all the time.
  • Twice the sweat I produce in a day.
  • After 3 days of drinking the slimming coffee, it made me feel sleepy but can’t sleep.
  • Palpitations, hard to breathe sometimes, I guess I have had a high blood due to lack of sleep.
  • Dizziness.
  • I cannot poop.

I stopped drinking for couple of days when I experienced those side effects. I know it’s not good for my health but as a desperate, vain woman like me, I continued drinking. I still get those side effects every now and then and as a result, it didn’t fail me, wherein fact I really lose weight!

I drink the remaining sachets once in a while and I can still see the result even if I stopped drinking Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee regularly after 2 boxes.

I won’t buy for another box of Leisure Slimming Coffee if my stash will be empty.  I’d like to lose weight in a natural way and do exercise.

You, would you risk your health for the sake of losing weight? It’s up to you guys.

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Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

Surely losing weight for people who has a slow metabolism is not that easy. The fact that in my father’s lineage, obesity is one of their extremity. Unfortunately, I might possibly have that possessive extremity if I won’t control myself. I’ve gained 85 kilo or 187 pounds during the last stage of my pregnancy, that’s like a lot for a five feet tall woman like me. I almost cannot move myself and it was so hard to walk or kneel to fetch something. After my pregnancy, my weight goes down to 72 kilo or 158.4 pounds. With stretch marks and postpartum fats, postpartum depression attacked me instantly as I looked into the mirror. It’s as if I was looking to another person. I used to be chubby, voluptuous as they call it during my single days weighing only 55 kilo or 121 pounds the most. And so I committed myself to breastfeed as advised because through breastfeeding, it will help me burn 600 calories a day. Not to mention that my breast milk is the best food for my baby as an infant.

When my baby’s a year old, my sister Garlaine and friend Danielle recommends this Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee. It indicates that it’s good for burning postpartum fats. After three weeks of drinking it I weighed 60 kilo or 132 pounds! I can use some of my old clothes again.

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It was amazing how I ended up losing weight faster than I could ever imagine!

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And yes! I let it colour!

Since it’s new year commonly people liked to freshen up with their looks. I decided to play with my hair and color it again after a couple of years having a long black boring hair. I did colored my hair years ago by just doing it myself. I used Savol Permanent Hair Colorant. It’s main ingredients are oleic alcohol, resorcinol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, etcetera. It’s very cheap like 10peso in the public market and 21peso at the mall. You can choose hair colors from burgundy red, coffee, maroon brown, etcetera. I decided to experiment mixing two colors (coffee and coffee red).

Hair Color Application

Before applying it on my hair, I test the product by putting a little amount of the mixed paste at the back of my ear then observe any allergic reaction for 48hours, it’s really hard nowadays to trust easily to any product since it is China Made and its reputation, as I have heard that there’s so many people suffer from skin irritations and hair loss using any of their product since most of its cover and instructions were written in Chinese, naturally some would make a mistake in doing a hair color application or any other beauty products. Luckily I don’t have any allergic reactions and so I continue. Instruction says to leave it 20-30mins on my hair, but since I have a black hair I doubt if I would get the result that I wanted. I let it soak for an hour. Rinse it well and let it dry. I did not use hair blower because it produces heat that could cause hair damages and split ends. When my hair dried up, here’s the result;


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