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A Cissus Sicyoides is commonly known as Millionaire Vine, Princess Vine or Ivy Curtain

A Cissus Sicyoides is commonly known as Millionaire Vine, Princess Vine or Ivy Curtain

Alright, I stand corrected by my mother-in-law. One morning she paid us a visit and admired my garden.  She told me that that our vine is not a Buhok ni Maria vine as I have been told, it was something else and it’s on the tip of her tongue. She’s a Bio Professor in MSU GenSan, can’t argue with her about that, I’m not good in naming plants I just plant and plant them right away! As long as it’s good in the eye and helps us for shading.

Then after that I’ve been googling about the name of the vine and all I can see close enough is Spanish moss

The once I thought was Buhok ni Maria is an aerial plant and it looked like this:

My husband has been curious about the name since, so he googled the right keywords and voila! Here it is! Its name is Cissus sicyoides or commonly known as millionaire vine, princess vine or ivy curtain. It is from Vitaceae family such as grapevine and stuffs. It said to be a herbal medicine a remedy for diabetes. Just another benefit that we can get from our garden.  The Millionaire Vine tips of its roots will turn into pink after its being cut from your desired length to hang.

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Apple Tree Planting Challenge!

Apple Tree Planting Challenge!

I was and still busy gardening at our yard, searching for fruit bearing trees to plant and for shading purposes also. While I was peeling the apple for my daughter to eat, I was wondering why I haven’t seen apple trees grow in our place or in the entire Philippines. My husband told me that it was because of dormancy period that it needs 45 degrees temperature or below in order seeds to sprout. Since we only have rainy and sunny climate here in the Philipiines, so it’s not possible to plant apple tree.

But then again if the apple seeds need to grow in a winter climate, what about the streetwise thought of putting it in can cover with sawdust and put the can in the fridge for three months, will the apple seed sprout?mmm.. Then after that, plant it in our yard and when it’s fully mature to bear fruits, we’ll just have to tear off its leaves manually. Research shows that if that happen apple tends to bear fruits in order to reproduce, afraid of extinction.

Learning is acquired through experience I’ll just update my blog about our apple tree planting challenge. There’s no harm in trying. 🙂


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Flowers do Bloom, Plants do Bear!

We just moved in our own house last November and everything starts at the beginning since it was abandoned for years. The first time I took a peek in our place was devastating. Vines, weeds, trees and wild plants are everywhere and it’s not easy to get rid of those, especially deep-rooted weeds.

So I made a promised to myself that I will turn it into a safe playground to my baby and a place to stay for visitors at night. It’s not well-developed yet, I’ll just update my blog when it’s finished.

It was a time consuming work but I found myself mused in tending the garden, putting healthy soil, planning for the landscape and selecting right plants to plant. I planted chili plants, kalamansi, tomatoes, camote tops vines, okra and spring onions. Better to utilize our area with useful plants to help us economize.  I always like flowers, it brings color to any place and i found serenity just by looking at it.  I can pick up flowers when they bloom to put inside the living room, my consolations. I’m not good with flower, plants names but as far as I know, my flowers were all different varieties of daisies, other colorful ornamental shrub plants.

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Sorry! i forgot to take pictures of my vegetable plants 🙂

To make a shed I planted “Millionaire’s Vine useful during daytime. Hopefully it will vine gracefully after 3 months. Hopefully it will look like this:

Millionaire's Vine


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