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SilverFish is not a Fish!

I like to start my day with a clean house, so one early morning when everyone’s awake (me, my daughter and husband) i do my routine that is, cleaning the house. It’s not really hard because our house is a regular bungalow type of house here in the Philippines. As I changed our bed sheets and here’s what I found:

A silverfish! I was surprised to see a strange living thing like that. I told my husband about it and found out that that looked like fish is a silverfish. It seek habitats in excessively humid environments, it said to live inside the book as its food were matters that contains polysaccharides, such as starches and dextrin in adhesives. These include glue, book bindings, plaster, some paints, paper, photos, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, clothing and dandruff. Silverfish can also cause damage to tapestries. Other substances that may be eaten include cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers and dead insects. Silverfish are considered a household pest, due to their consumption and destruction of property. Though, they are sometimes responsible for the contamination of foods, they do not transmit disease.

It said that it’s been on earth for 400 million years. It is called silverfish because, when it moves, it has side-sway reminiscent of a swimming fish, and because of its silver-coloured scales and fish-like structure.

It’s good to know things such as that exist. As we all know, knowledge is power!

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