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Marvel’s: The Avengers, Really?!

Marvel’s: The Avengers, Really?!

I watched the movie since the review is crazy and any person who had seen the movie has a high regard with it.

The Avengers is a star-studded movie. Biggest stars in the entertainment industry such as: Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Scarlett Johanssen as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as HawkEye, Samuel L. Jackson as Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill (Robin of How I Met Your Mother TV Series) and not to mention Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the antagonist.

I have watched some movies with a super sized casting but it seems to me that I find it boring because I expected more but only end up disappointed. I don’t watch trailers or read movie spoiler, that’s why I was surprised to see Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk. So where did Edward Norton go? I got curious. Marvels: The Avenger movie might came from a comic book, but I didn’t expect it to be so comical. Like when Loki, considered as a God from a different planet with special powers just got stunned by a full fisted Hulk. It’s so hilarious I laughed my heart out! It’s a laughingstock scene!

And there goes my maybe. Maybe, Edward Norton doesn’t like the role of being a clown in the movie. I collected Edward Norton’s movies from 1990’s and up and it’s all serious movies and he’s a serious actor, no shits! After watching The Avenger, I searched for an answer and here it goes, courtesy of moviecultists.

Some would say he’s a hard-to-direct actor, a pre-madonna. But I don’t think so, he’s just a serious actor/artist who loved to make flawless movies, that’s why he’s speaking out his mind, banging out ideas whenever there’s something need to be change in a scene. So good for him on not pressing the idea of him as The Hulk in the Avengers movie and bad for the Marvels company for getting a bad reputation because they said it’s all about the money issue that’s why they didn’t get Edward for the movie.

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My GrandMother: Marina Tatoy Tablo

My GrandMother: Marina Tatoy Tablo

A mother to her daughter, a grandmother to her granddaughter and a great grandmother to her great grandkids, it is as simple as you look at it but behind the scene it is as complicated and a very complex role given to a person. My grandmother, Mrs. Marina Tatoy Tablo is one of the simplest, most hardworking human being to seize any obstacles that comes in life.

At the age of 47, her husband, my grandfather passed away which left her with 10 kids to feed. But never did she falter in her helpless situation. But with lack of educational attainment, no company would hire her. Instead, with her simple cooking skill and friendly approached to each customer, she sold viands and other stuffs at the front of their house. In that way, she had fed her kids and even sent them to school. Good thing that my uncles and aunts are intelligent enough to avail scholarships. Their intelligence made them through education and stepped out of poverty line. Only 3 out of 10 of her kids did not finish schools, one was deceased and the two son’s interests were on the other field.

Their lives were not that easy before, I could imagine how my grandmother managed to budget everything. My mother and aunts used to rant about our demands on things we’d love to have which are unnecessary stuffs. In their teenage time, they cannot get anything they want they have to work on it before having it. They can only get things they needed and most of the time it was not provided to them. But nonetheless, they’re glad that my grandmother did not give up on them but she’s not the stage-mother type, she pushed them to their limits, hard enough to face their own problems so that they can stand on their own.

And even now, that they have their own families, husbands and wives, even to us grandkids. Her unfailing advised were classics. We can talk about tending the garden, babies, how life works, marriage and reminds me that life isn’t a magical fairy tale, you’ll have to work out on it to be in great success.

Last March 4, 2012 her kids, special mention her daughter Te Bem and Mommy Lai from Australia, threw a debut-party like celebration for her 72nd birthday. A gift that is intended to show gratitude on how she has touched our lives.

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We can only wish her nothing but good health, happiness and more birthdays to come!


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54th Grammy Award – Adele

54th Grammy Award – Adele

I just watched the 54th Grammy Award that was held last February 13, 2012 and it was so amazing how a british woman Adele sweep off the American Music Industry! She brings home the bacon on each of her nominated award – Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pink and Bruno Mars only looked as second best! She even had her first song performance after her vocal cord surgery, and there goes a handsome standing ovation from everyone. I also noticed Rihanna held astonished after her “Rolling in the Deep” performance, surely she’s one of her big fan!

She’s not your typical song artist with plastic surgeries all over their bods and faces to allure people, she’s fat, not showing off cleavage and don’t do any tricks to put spices on her performances. She’s just simply singing with a little bit of swinging. Truly voice and lyric quality still counts these days, I thought it’s been forever banished as we we’re in a modern age, auto tune and stuffs.

Here’s the list of her Grammy Awards:

  • Song of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep”
  • Best Pop Solo Performance: “Someone Like You”
  • Best Pop Vocal Album: 21
  • Record Of The Year: “Rolling In The Deep”
  • Album Of The Year: 21, Adele


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I’m glad that it’s not just me who appreciates Adele as an artist. She’s a legend!

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Whitney Houston

Farewell Miss Whitney Houston, you’ll be forever missed!

Gee.. I couldn’t believe my eyes listing these songs I knew very well, either singing on karaoke emotionally, wasted and hurtful, or just drunk while having a good time with my friends and so-called friends. One of my favorite song of all time is since I was 10. My teacher told  me I have a beautiful voice and encouraged me sing that song during our section program one Monday morning,

She’s been a part of my life too! She’s had great hit songs in decades and all was legendary! Well, you’ll never know her/its worth until it’s lost!

What Whitney Houston hit song can you recall?


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Edward Norton

I didn’t know that someone could be that good in acting until I watched Edward Norton’s character as an altar boy suspect for murdering a priest in Primal Fear with Richard Gere.

I then looked up to imdb biography of Edward Norton and started to download and watch his listed movies. He is a natural actor he can portray his character very well whether:



He’s a romantic magician of the Illusionist with Jessica Biel,





a Racist of American X,




or has a multiple personality in the Fight Club with Brad Pitt as a co-star,




and not to mention the Leaves of the Grass movie.


Gee.. I couldn’t sort out what top best but one thing’s for sure, he impressed me much! He’s one of the finest!He’s not that handsome actually. He has an elongated shape of face, not really sexy because he’s body is not proportioned, not the standard macho type, but there’s something in him that makes me shuddered in delight whenever I think of him.

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