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Lay-out for Tarpaulin, Invitation Card and Other Graphics

Lay-out for Tarpaulin, Invitation Card and Other Graphics

There’s a lot of magic if you know how to use Adobe Photoshop application for photos, graphics and lay-outs. Even just by knowing the Photoshop Basics and have a heart for arts can create a very nice output. But of course you will need a lot of practice as practice makes perfect!

See these raw photos/lay-outs, edited and enhanced!

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For people who are interested in having their tarpaulin, invitation card and other graphics look good and presentable. Feel free to contact me, but it’s not for free.


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Balloons for Everyone!

Organizing and budgeting for the party is a tricky part. Now, that I am a mother, organizing a birthday party or any other party is different from what I get used to. Home parties for family is far different from bar hops J!


I understand that in a home party which is usually attended by family members with kids, a party without a decoration could be boring, especially for those who are young at heart. I canvassed balloons in party shops here in General Santos and it’s surprisingly expensive, it is already twice the price since the last time I checked. From then on, I decided to cancel balloon decors.

But on the other hand  I was organizing my baby’s first birthday party so I think of other option.

Googling for party decoration tips, I learned that a do-it-yourself party balloon decoration is possible. It is cheaper, more creative and fun!  There are many types of balloons, tricky on which type of balloon to be use. It usually depends on what type of balloon creation you’d like to create. I’ve been eyeing on creating a topiary type so what I needed is a liquid rubber called latex which will not easily blown while being stretch and a stick for foundation. I do not advise some balloon package comes with a very cheap price, it is not flexible enough for my topiary creation and it is just a waste of money. Here’s my first piece:


For wall decorations, a silver ribbon that can be twirled, masking tape to attach balloons on the wall and colorful balloons is what I needed in order to add up some drama. Oops, not enough photo but here it is anyway:

And here’s my 2nd balloon creation, a column type balloon during my GranMa’s Birthday Party. The funny thing about this is, it served as a background picture, as everyone’s toying it and age doesn’t matter!

I got a task again for my little niece 2nd birthday party next April. So i’m thinking of other creation to challenge myself in this skill. Who knows, I’ll be having a balloon art shop on my own? hehe.. but for now, it considered as a gift for my friends and families. Just provide the materials and I’ll do the balloon decorations!

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