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Wedding Souvenirs

Wedding Souvenirs

These were my creations, my babies. See, brides are all about the gowns of bridesmaids, decorations and not to mention the obsession for a very nice wedding souvenir. It took me awhile to decide either to include it on the wedding package, or to purchase at a retail store. But my artistry gave me the urge to do something about it. I decided to make my own wedding souvenirs, with the help of my friends and sure we have had a lot of fun while finishing these wedding souvenirs.

Our wedding souvenirs were only intended for the Principal Sponsors. Since we’re in the modern age and wedding souvenirs could be anything. We hired EZ Capture Photo Booth, My husband do the photo lay-out (he’s a bit maarte about it). It’s less messy than doing hundreds of wedding souvenirs, less complicated. Their service was very good, they gave us a soft copy afterwards for those who had failed to get a photocopy  since it served as our wedding souvenir. Well, everybody’s happy as long as it’s on facebook!

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It’s fun to do things that you love!

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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

At last I found them, the photos of our wedding invitations. I’ve been looking for these photos of our wedding invitations for months. I thought I’d lost it forever.

These wedding invitations were a “do-it-yourself” wedding invitations. Not your ordinary rectangular envelope, it’s a heart-shaped type of envelope. It’s a bit difficult but somehow we managed. That’s for special guests and Principal sponsors. The ticket-thingy are for friends. For people we see in day-to-day basis, who could understand that it was in a hurry. Anyway, it still looked presentable, right?

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Balloon Decoration for Colyn’s 2nd Birthday Party!

Unfortunately my sister didn’t follow my instructions and my list of type of balloons to buy for her daughter’s birthday party. I just made the most out of it.


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Looks okay though, loads of people liked it and the kids loves the flower type balloons gave to them after the kids birthday party.

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Balloons for Everyone!

Organizing and budgeting for the party is a tricky part. Now, that I am a mother, organizing a birthday party or any other party is different from what I get used to. Home parties for family is far different from bar hops J!


I understand that in a home party which is usually attended by family members with kids, a party without a decoration could be boring, especially for those who are young at heart. I canvassed balloons in party shops here in General Santos and it’s surprisingly expensive, it is already twice the price since the last time I checked. From then on, I decided to cancel balloon decors.

But on the other hand  I was organizing my baby’s first birthday party so I think of other option.

Googling for party decoration tips, I learned that a do-it-yourself party balloon decoration is possible. It is cheaper, more creative and fun!  There are many types of balloons, tricky on which type of balloon to be use. It usually depends on what type of balloon creation you’d like to create. I’ve been eyeing on creating a topiary type so what I needed is a liquid rubber called latex which will not easily blown while being stretch and a stick for foundation. I do not advise some balloon package comes with a very cheap price, it is not flexible enough for my topiary creation and it is just a waste of money. Here’s my first piece:


For wall decorations, a silver ribbon that can be twirled, masking tape to attach balloons on the wall and colorful balloons is what I needed in order to add up some drama. Oops, not enough photo but here it is anyway:

And here’s my 2nd balloon creation, a column type balloon during my GranMa’s Birthday Party. The funny thing about this is, it served as a background picture, as everyone’s toying it and age doesn’t matter!

I got a task again for my little niece 2nd birthday party next April. So i’m thinking of other creation to challenge myself in this skill. Who knows, I’ll be having a balloon art shop on my own? hehe.. but for now, it considered as a gift for my friends and families. Just provide the materials and I’ll do the balloon decorations!

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To-Do List on your Wedding Day!

Do you ever wonder what were the role of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid-of-honor and best man other than walking in the aisle on the wedding ceremony at the church? Well here’s some tips for you bride. I learned this knowledge from my cousin, Honey Tablo, she’s been a bridesmaid or a maid-of-honor about a lot of times. What she told me had been a lot of help and a sigh of relief (in case you did not hire a wedding organizer or a wedding planner).  Those people mentioned above can be of great help from collecting sponsor’s fee, corsage distribution for sponsors and parents to checking out materials that is needed on the church or at the reception and etcetera.

How it’s done. I told my maid-of-honor, Estrella Ortega, one of my best friends to distribute the task and materials to them. I gave her the list of tasks and to whom it will be assigned.

My to-do-list during my Wedding Day:

And at the end of the wedding ceremony, sure everyone had fun all goes well and pretty organized.

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