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My Head is Blank!

I wanted to write, I do not know what to write. My head is blank, not actually blank I have so many things in mind but do not have one specific subject. It’s hot this day which made me feel terrible. I’m having trouble with my respiratory system. I have a cough and a runny nose. I can’t control myself to sneeze, I sneeze all the time.

There’s a brown-out rotation schedule and sometimes our feeder shuts down when I needed electricity the most.  My baby’s asleep I hope she will still sleep until 4pm. I want to tend our garden, but I don’t like to have my skin burnt. I look filthy, I look old, if I would just let myself I will be ugly forever. Not the type of a vain person I am. So I will stay inside the house, even if I’m perspiring, that’s okay, as long as I won’t let my skin burn again.

I cannot surf, the internet is down. I want to spend the rest of the afternoon, blogging, commenting, liking and see if somebody has done blogging about business establishments here in GenSan. I’d like to expand my writing through giving factual information about any businesses here in GenSan. I would like to do something else. Something like blogging about wedding stuffs, directories, updates on their latest gowns and dresses or any new amenities or services they can economically offer to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. I haven’t finish my GenSan Matters page, I should go to LTO, NBI, NSO, Socoteco II to collect factual information about the list of requirements on acquiring a certain document or account.. ahh so much more to do. Or just log-in to facebook to catch up with friends and relatives I haven’t contacted or seen in a while.

You see, a lot has changed ever since I enter the world of marriage. I do not have the time hanging around with friends and going out at night. It’s not that my husband is strict. He’s very cool and supportive. But when I go out, I always checked my phone if my baby’s awake or has any problem. A lot of things are happening when going out and one of it is flirting. I’m all sold out, I’m not in the market anymore. It made me feel out, though I love the company that I have. I prefer to stay at home and just talk or watch quality movies, no shit movies okay?

I would love to watch The Avengers, they say it’s a good movie and I have a crush on Thor. I’m very outspoken to my husband whenever I have a physique appreciation to guys. I want to be honest with him. I already told him that I got butterflies on my stomach whenever I watch a movie of Edward Norton, Brad Pitt is my beautiful vampire, Robert Downey Jr. is very handsome in his mid 20s, Thor is very masculine but so heart melting whenever he crack a smile, he’s such a heart-throb! And he just sighed and said, “Whatever, you’re married and ugly anyway, nobody will love you like I do.” Such a mean person, he is. Hmmp!

My husband, my husband is a lot of things. He could be my friend, we watch or talk about something and laugh about it. He could be my lover, he’s such a sweet person and everybody told me that I’m not, that I am an insensitive person. Anyway since the vote is in majority I’ll accept it, I’m just an honest person doing things I like to do, hating things I do not like to do, okay? Where was I? about my husband being such a sweet person. I hate it when he’ll kiss and hug me while I’m all sweaty doing household chores. I hate it when he touches my armpit. I told him, “that’s my private part, you cannot touch that!” And he would just ignore me and do it again, it’s very irritating. I don’t have a body odor I just don’t want my armpit be touched by anyone, ever. But I love it when he simply hug me when I woke up, felt like we’ll be having a great day. He knew my limits, he knew when I am tired and he knew how to make me laugh and smile. So much about him being such a sweet person. He could be my enemy too! We argue and fight about anything, I’m pretty sure that’s normal in a couple. He won’t stop until he made me realized that my perception is wrong. He will not consider stopping until a factual information is being justified. We Filipinos are following things that are already a tradition, but without any scientific explanation, my husband won’t follow it. I’m just being vague here, cannot count the tell-tale of the fight but he would admit and apologize whenever he’s wrong, too. And yeah, that’s my husband.

Back on my runny nose, i really hate having a runny nose. I sneeze all the time, did I mention that already? I can recall my daughter having one and we ended up having a sleepless night. Poor her, poor us, we all sleep until lunch. I don’t like it when one of us has an illness. I remember my mother always went to church on Sundays. I told her, I want to be admitted in the hospital and see if who will come and visit me, so I would know who really cares. She scolded me and said, “I always go to church on Sundays and always pray that nobody would get sick, and there you are dreaming of some illness so you would know who cares. That’s a stupid, crappy idea!” I do understand now why she’s been very upset.

Life is not a game that once you fail you can restart and play the game until you win. It’s never easy. There are a lot of things I don’t understand until now, now that I am a mother. Like, why do we have to be at home before 6pm when we’re in high school? Why do we have to stay at home during Sundays, ahh family day, family that is the most important relationship you could ever attain to. It’s the basic unit of the community, that’s where your personality being mold. Unfortunately, we don’t have that basic simple living way back in my childhood that is why I got so many questions unanswered before, confusions.

What the heck, this writing has reached two-pages already. What did I just write?



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Being Caffeinated!

We went to uncle’s house to pay our condolences to his late mother-in-law, Lola Dading, may she rest in peace. We meet a lot of people in different walks of life. People I knew in my childhood, those people I thought I could never see again. It’s good to bump in with childhood friends, we talked about how we turned out since we’re mid 20s already and a lot of them have their own wife/husband and children. And one of them I think I haven’t converse for a while is my cousin Alper with her girlfriend and my mom. Since I was doing work late at night sometimes ‘til dawn I used to drink coffee every night. Then after that, I would always prefer coffee rather than softdrinks.

I offer my mom a coffee drink and so I thought I would drink too. I am a Kopiko .coffee fan, but  Nescafe 3-n-1 is only available, it’s sweeter than my usual Kopiko coffee, so I decided to pour two sachets of Nescafe 3-n-1 to make it closed to Kopiko Brown’s taste

We chitchat about his field of job. He graduated in Culinary Arts here in General Santos in a prestigious Culinary Arts School called Gerardo’s.  He’s been to Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu for months working at Shangri-La Mactan Resort, a five-star hotel as an apprentice or as a cook. i learned from him that Cebu is not just one City, it’s consist of several cities in one province called Cebu. He stayed in That five-star hotel that offers a tour package with board and lodging for a high price definitely worth every penny for employees are very accommodating to customers, the place is very cozy and the food is  delicious. Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City is well known for five-star hotels. A lot of foreigners stayed there, either to study or just for holidays especially Koreans and some would stay there for good.

He also told me that this “island hopping” in Olango Island which is a cheap trip, is one of his favorite experience, one of their stops is an islet  known as a bird sanctuary wherein you can witness the existence of different types and races of birds, migratory or not.

He also mentioned visiting the Magellan’s Cross, it’s near Mactan City. The people, the old architectural structure of the church and buildings and the aura of the place are far different from General Santos which made him believe that nothing beats his amusement while walking under the heat of the sun.

He’d like to go to Bohol but he had a tight budget, so maybe next time.

“So what’s your next plan?” asking him while sipping my second cup of coffee, it was really cold and drinking another cup of coffee is a good option.

He told me that he’d like to go to Davao for there are vacancies available in his type of job. He’s eyeing for Grand Regal Hotel, an old hotel but effective and competitive in terms of high technology and especially in terms of food. May God bless him in his job hunt.

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After our chitchat, we bid farewell, went home and put my baby to bed. I clean the house, took a shower and finished my task from work. Still couldn’t sleep.  Gee.. I realized I drank too much coffee, not my usual dose that’s why I ended up blogging. And from this very moment I’m still alive as hell! Maybe I’ll just watch a movie our friend Pol downloaded.


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Balloons for Everyone!

Organizing and budgeting for the party is a tricky part. Now, that I am a mother, organizing a birthday party or any other party is different from what I get used to. Home parties for family is far different from bar hops J!


I understand that in a home party which is usually attended by family members with kids, a party without a decoration could be boring, especially for those who are young at heart. I canvassed balloons in party shops here in General Santos and it’s surprisingly expensive, it is already twice the price since the last time I checked. From then on, I decided to cancel balloon decors.

But on the other hand  I was organizing my baby’s first birthday party so I think of other option.

Googling for party decoration tips, I learned that a do-it-yourself party balloon decoration is possible. It is cheaper, more creative and fun!  There are many types of balloons, tricky on which type of balloon to be use. It usually depends on what type of balloon creation you’d like to create. I’ve been eyeing on creating a topiary type so what I needed is a liquid rubber called latex which will not easily blown while being stretch and a stick for foundation. I do not advise some balloon package comes with a very cheap price, it is not flexible enough for my topiary creation and it is just a waste of money. Here’s my first piece:


For wall decorations, a silver ribbon that can be twirled, masking tape to attach balloons on the wall and colorful balloons is what I needed in order to add up some drama. Oops, not enough photo but here it is anyway:

And here’s my 2nd balloon creation, a column type balloon during my GranMa’s Birthday Party. The funny thing about this is, it served as a background picture, as everyone’s toying it and age doesn’t matter!

I got a task again for my little niece 2nd birthday party next April. So i’m thinking of other creation to challenge myself in this skill. Who knows, I’ll be having a balloon art shop on my own? hehe.. but for now, it considered as a gift for my friends and families. Just provide the materials and I’ll do the balloon decorations!

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