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Thupsi Bade Farewell

Thupsi Bade Farewell

She’s 1 year and a half when she got pregnant. We’re hesitant at first because she’s a fat Pomeranian spitz. But when her tummy grew after 3mos then it’s official. A big brown azkal mated her. That’s what they told me, I wasn’t always around that time so I haven’t watched her having a period and being in heat ready to mate. I should have warned my siblings that in her type of breed, they cannot mate with azkals or bigger than her size. She should be mated in her kind. Pomeranian spitz can bear one or two puppies only during their first pregnancy. I was worried about her health. I helped her deliver her six puppies one evening and those puppies were big and weren’t fully developed. She delivered her puppies because her body doesn’t have enough space for them to nourish and grow.

Her puppies died one a time then after three days, she bid farewell to the world. And I wasn’t even there. I was tending my grandmother at the hospital who was sick. And when I got home, my brother didn’t touch or bury her yet to wait for me. I can still feel the pang of pain that time I saw her eye opened, they say that she’s waiting for her guardian and still doesn’t want to go. My brother was worried about me because I was 4mos pregnant that. I cried a lot. I held her in my arms wishing that she can breathe, she’s still warmed but nothing happened. I kissed her and I saw her face dislocate and I cried again. I cannot believe she’s taken away from me. My mom was mourning too, she doesn’t have the courage to stay at home for days.

I mourned for days. I cannot help it. My mother-in-law warned me that it will affect my baby’s development inside my womb. My husband decided to give me another pet so that I can have a diversion. She’s a maltese-pomeranian named Chixi. They both have same mother, ChaCha a Pomeranian.

Still tears streams down my face while writing this blog even after a couple of years passed by. I can clearly remember my Thupsi, the time I spent with pampering her,  chased her on the street, fed her, slept together with her up on the top of my belly, ate apple with her.

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Maybe if she’s still alive, she can play with my little daughter. So sad that it lasted forever but ended so soon.

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Wedding Tips

Marrying someone you love is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen in your life. A perfect wedding ceremony is nothing but a dream! But preparing for the wedding is a nightmare! Believe me, I’ve been there!
Way back in time, I wish I had the economical preparation list or the tips for the wedding expenses so we could have saved money for the later. Even a tightly budgeted wedding could still look special. Every penny counts and is very essential. But then again, I ran out of time. So hopefully you can read my blog before preparing for your wedding!
Things to do for Wedding Preparations and Payments, Here’s my lists:
For Wedding Church Expenses

If you are to be wed in a Catholic church there’s that wedding seminar and interview with a priest to attend to. Plus these expenses, I won’t quote figures as every year it seems to change;

  1.  Stole fee
  2.  Sponsor’s fee
  3. Decoration fee
  4. Liturgy
  5.  Materials to buy:
  •  Rings
  • Aras
  •  Candles
  •  Bible
  •  Envelopes for Principal Sponsors
  • For offerings

Wedding Entourage Expenses

Lucky for you if you listed can afford bridesmaid and maid honor or parents of your flower girls but If not then you will have to pay for their outfits. I would strongly suggest for you to have a first-hand gown to save money on your wedding.
Gowns for:
  • The Bride
  • Maid of Honor
  • Bridesmaid
  • Flower Girls
 Barongs for:
  • The Groom
  •  Best Man
  • Groom’s men
  • Ring bearer
  • Bible bearer
Wedding Reception Expenses

If you are really in a tight budget but would love to have a good reception hazard free and simple. Before anything else you really have to consider the service they could give you. You should have your reception in an old tested hotel wherein their food and venue package would accommodate the persons you wish to appear. Even if it is in the lowest package you can avail. 

Wedding Reception Things to Prepare:
  •  Wedding Emcee
  •  Wedding Program
  •  Wedding Soundtrack in the Reception
  •  Backdrop and wedding decorations for the Reception Area
Wedding Other Expenses
Wedding Invitation – lucky for you if you or soon-to-be husband have the gift to do photoshop or if you know someone who can do the best possible outline to your wedding invitation then you can save enough and print it by yourself.
Wedding Souvenirs– this too, I checked every store if how much it cost to have a beautiful wedding souvenir but I end up costing up a lot than I expected. Then I decided to make my own souvenir with the help of my dear friends.
  •   EZ Capture-this one serves as wedding souvenirs for the non-sponsors. This is the new trend in our generation. It is a machine that can capture several photos and printed it during the wedding w/ a nice lay-out/background that you desire.
  •  Corkage- you should consider an exemption for corkage because you never knew if someone would surprise you with a gift of lechon, drinks, some extra guests and etcetera.
  • Contact a Make-Up Artist -for you as a bride and for the whole entourage.

It’s not a 100% guarantee that if you have a perfect wedding ceremony, you will have a perfect marriage. You will have to work it out guys. Goodluck

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