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A Cissus Sicyoides is commonly known as Millionaire Vine, Princess Vine or Ivy Curtain

A Cissus Sicyoides is commonly known as Millionaire Vine, Princess Vine or Ivy Curtain

Alright, I stand corrected by my mother-in-law. One morning she paid us a visit and admired my garden.  She told me that that our vine is not a Buhok ni Maria vine as I have been told, it was something else and it’s on the tip of her tongue. She’s a Bio Professor in MSU GenSan, can’t argue with her about that, I’m not good in naming plants I just plant and plant them right away! As long as it’s good in the eye and helps us for shading.

Then after that I’ve been googling about the name of the vine and all I can see close enough is Spanish moss

The once I thought was Buhok ni Maria is an aerial plant and it looked like this:

My husband has been curious about the name since, so he googled the right keywords and voila! Here it is! Its name is Cissus sicyoides or commonly known as millionaire vine, princess vine or ivy curtain. It is from Vitaceae family such as grapevine and stuffs. It said to be a herbal medicine a remedy for diabetes. Just another benefit that we can get from our garden.  The Millionaire Vine tips of its roots will turn into pink after its being cut from your desired length to hang.

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My Head is Blank!

I wanted to write, I do not know what to write. My head is blank, not actually blank I have so many things in mind but do not have one specific subject. It’s hot this day which made me feel terrible. I’m having trouble with my respiratory system. I have a cough and a runny nose. I can’t control myself to sneeze, I sneeze all the time.

There’s a brown-out rotation schedule and sometimes our feeder shuts down when I needed electricity the most.  My baby’s asleep I hope she will still sleep until 4pm. I want to tend our garden, but I don’t like to have my skin burnt. I look filthy, I look old, if I would just let myself I will be ugly forever. Not the type of a vain person I am. So I will stay inside the house, even if I’m perspiring, that’s okay, as long as I won’t let my skin burn again.

I cannot surf, the internet is down. I want to spend the rest of the afternoon, blogging, commenting, liking and see if somebody has done blogging about business establishments here in GenSan. I’d like to expand my writing through giving factual information about any businesses here in GenSan. I would like to do something else. Something like blogging about wedding stuffs, directories, updates on their latest gowns and dresses or any new amenities or services they can economically offer to the bride-to-be and groom-to-be. I haven’t finish my GenSan Matters page, I should go to LTO, NBI, NSO, Socoteco II to collect factual information about the list of requirements on acquiring a certain document or account.. ahh so much more to do. Or just log-in to facebook to catch up with friends and relatives I haven’t contacted or seen in a while.

You see, a lot has changed ever since I enter the world of marriage. I do not have the time hanging around with friends and going out at night. It’s not that my husband is strict. He’s very cool and supportive. But when I go out, I always checked my phone if my baby’s awake or has any problem. A lot of things are happening when going out and one of it is flirting. I’m all sold out, I’m not in the market anymore. It made me feel out, though I love the company that I have. I prefer to stay at home and just talk or watch quality movies, no shit movies okay?

I would love to watch The Avengers, they say it’s a good movie and I have a crush on Thor. I’m very outspoken to my husband whenever I have a physique appreciation to guys. I want to be honest with him. I already told him that I got butterflies on my stomach whenever I watch a movie of Edward Norton, Brad Pitt is my beautiful vampire, Robert Downey Jr. is very handsome in his mid 20s, Thor is very masculine but so heart melting whenever he crack a smile, he’s such a heart-throb! And he just sighed and said, “Whatever, you’re married and ugly anyway, nobody will love you like I do.” Such a mean person, he is. Hmmp!

My husband, my husband is a lot of things. He could be my friend, we watch or talk about something and laugh about it. He could be my lover, he’s such a sweet person and everybody told me that I’m not, that I am an insensitive person. Anyway since the vote is in majority I’ll accept it, I’m just an honest person doing things I like to do, hating things I do not like to do, okay? Where was I? about my husband being such a sweet person. I hate it when he’ll kiss and hug me while I’m all sweaty doing household chores. I hate it when he touches my armpit. I told him, “that’s my private part, you cannot touch that!” And he would just ignore me and do it again, it’s very irritating. I don’t have a body odor I just don’t want my armpit be touched by anyone, ever. But I love it when he simply hug me when I woke up, felt like we’ll be having a great day. He knew my limits, he knew when I am tired and he knew how to make me laugh and smile. So much about him being such a sweet person. He could be my enemy too! We argue and fight about anything, I’m pretty sure that’s normal in a couple. He won’t stop until he made me realized that my perception is wrong. He will not consider stopping until a factual information is being justified. We Filipinos are following things that are already a tradition, but without any scientific explanation, my husband won’t follow it. I’m just being vague here, cannot count the tell-tale of the fight but he would admit and apologize whenever he’s wrong, too. And yeah, that’s my husband.

Back on my runny nose, i really hate having a runny nose. I sneeze all the time, did I mention that already? I can recall my daughter having one and we ended up having a sleepless night. Poor her, poor us, we all sleep until lunch. I don’t like it when one of us has an illness. I remember my mother always went to church on Sundays. I told her, I want to be admitted in the hospital and see if who will come and visit me, so I would know who really cares. She scolded me and said, “I always go to church on Sundays and always pray that nobody would get sick, and there you are dreaming of some illness so you would know who cares. That’s a stupid, crappy idea!” I do understand now why she’s been very upset.

Life is not a game that once you fail you can restart and play the game until you win. It’s never easy. There are a lot of things I don’t understand until now, now that I am a mother. Like, why do we have to be at home before 6pm when we’re in high school? Why do we have to stay at home during Sundays, ahh family day, family that is the most important relationship you could ever attain to. It’s the basic unit of the community, that’s where your personality being mold. Unfortunately, we don’t have that basic simple living way back in my childhood that is why I got so many questions unanswered before, confusions.

What the heck, this writing has reached two-pages already. What did I just write?



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On Medication

On Medication

I treated myself with Benadryl capsule and Neozep and it worked for me. I’m free from my illness after 48 hrs.

We gave Ascof and Paracetamol for antibiotic to Gabi and it worked for her. No more sleepless night for us whenever she had a breathing problem due to her runny nose.

My husband drank Doxycycline and put a Maridan drops to his canker sore.

As you can imagine, everybody’s unwell. I swear that that day was one of the worst days my family encountered this year. I had a runny nose and foggy head, literally a headache, my daughter, Gabi, have a cough and a runny nose and my husband had a flu and canker sore.

It’s not a good memory as I can recall, I do hope that everybody’s well in the future. Health is really wealth.

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Balloon Decoration for Colyn’s 2nd Birthday Party!

Unfortunately my sister didn’t follow my instructions and my list of type of balloons to buy for her daughter’s birthday party. I just made the most out of it.


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Looks okay though, loads of people liked it and the kids loves the flower type balloons gave to them after the kids birthday party.

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This movie Memento sounds crazy to me. I have to watch it twice to get the idea of the movie. It started backwards, then flashbacks which is even crazier without a subtitle embedded.

Memento directed by Christopher Nolan, starred by Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby the guy who has a short term memory loss and who can’t make new memories; and Joe Pantoliano as  Teddy who was his guide/police/benefactor.

Leonard kept tattooing his body, taking photos from a polaroid camera and taking notes for important facts reminding him of what have become of his life after “the incident”. His wife was raped and somebody hit his head damaging his brain to not function normally and made him have a short term memory loss. I never thought it exists until I read it on wiki, but usually its factor is because of STD, another topic to ponder upon. Anyway, where was I… He can remember his past but after “the incident” he can’t remember anything or cannot make new memories which only made it sad because a lot of people took advantage of his weakness. They do him as a puppet but in the end, he killed the one pulling his strings.

This Memento Movie is something I could not forget easily, it’s a mind-twisting movie. Also reminds me of what’s life is really all about and thanking the Above for giving me a normal fully functional body.

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This dysmenorrhea illness is common for women during menstrual period. Dysmenorrhea is defined as a difficult menstrual flow or painful menstruation, a menstrual uterine contractions. It felt like being punished. Cramps and pains on my lower abdomen, dizziness, headaches, backaches, feeling exhausted and grumpy.

From my research, I learned that women who suffer from dysmenorrhea might be depressed, under stress, on a diet trying to lose weight, not having fish in a diet, drinking alcohol and a smoker. Whoa, I almost have all the factors drawing to dysmenorrhea. Now I know why I always have a dysmenorrhea whenever I am having my menstrual period.

Midol is my friend during my dysmennorhea. Midol (Generic name: Acetaminophen, Class: Analgesic + analgesic adjunct + sedating antihistamine). And a massage with chamomile oil to my back and lower abdomen.



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Right Food for the Right Size: Lucas the Labrador Retriever

Right Food for the Right Size: Lucas the Labrador Retriever

We have a pet named Lucas, a Labrador Retriever. He’s not a usual dog in a house yard here in the Philippines. We commonly have “azkals” a mixed breed of beagle, mutt, tyke etcetera. Those dogs are small in size unlike our Lucas a Labrador retriever is somewhat huge! And unlike our other dogs named Chixi a maltese-pomeranian and Thupsi a Pomeranian-spitz they’re small and easy to feed.

We usually feed them with our leftover foods. This Labrador retriever is an exceptional. At first we feed him with our left over foods but we’re having problem with his satisfaction. Naturally in his size, he has to eat rice mixed with fish in a basin size. But as he is growing older, his hunger would not be sufficed with what we offer. We’ll feed him 7pm, then he’ll bark 2am ‘til morning asking for food. It’s really a trouble. We worry that our neighbors will complain.

So my husband ask advises from experts in petting a Labrador retriever. They said that it’s wrong to feed a Labrador retriever with human food. The nutrients they get from human food are not enough. That is why there are dog foods consist with the nutrients a dog needs.

It’s hard to switch food immediately since he’s not used to the taste of dog food. So one night, the first thing we do is to mix the human food with dog food. It’s a great relief when he doesn’t bark asking for food ‘til 8am in the morning. We planned to feed him dog food in the future so we’ll feed him with a small amount of human food with dog food and eventually, just the dog food.


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