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A Cissus Sicyoides is commonly known as Millionaire Vine, Princess Vine or Ivy Curtain

A Cissus Sicyoides is commonly known as Millionaire Vine, Princess Vine or Ivy Curtain

Alright, I stand corrected by my mother-in-law. One morning she paid us a visit and admired my garden.  She told me that that our vine is not a Buhok ni Maria vine as I have been told, it was something else and it’s on the tip of her tongue. She’s a Bio Professor in MSU GenSan, can’t argue with her about that, I’m not good in naming plants I just plant and plant them right away! As long as it’s good in the eye and helps us for shading.

Then after that I’ve been googling about the name of the vine and all I can see close enough is Spanish moss

The once I thought was Buhok ni Maria is an aerial plant and it looked like this:

My husband has been curious about the name since, so he googled the right keywords and voila! Here it is! Its name is Cissus sicyoides or commonly known as millionaire vine, princess vine or ivy curtain. It is from Vitaceae family such as grapevine and stuffs. It said to be a herbal medicine a remedy for diabetes. Just another benefit that we can get from our garden.  The Millionaire Vine tips of its roots will turn into pink after its being cut from your desired length to hang.

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Thupsi Bade Farewell

Thupsi Bade Farewell

She’s 1 year and a half when she got pregnant. We’re hesitant at first because she’s a fat Pomeranian spitz. But when her tummy grew after 3mos then it’s official. A big brown azkal mated her. That’s what they told me, I wasn’t always around that time so I haven’t watched her having a period and being in heat ready to mate. I should have warned my siblings that in her type of breed, they cannot mate with azkals or bigger than her size. She should be mated in her kind. Pomeranian spitz can bear one or two puppies only during their first pregnancy. I was worried about her health. I helped her deliver her six puppies one evening and those puppies were big and weren’t fully developed. She delivered her puppies because her body doesn’t have enough space for them to nourish and grow.

Her puppies died one a time then after three days, she bid farewell to the world. And I wasn’t even there. I was tending my grandmother at the hospital who was sick. And when I got home, my brother didn’t touch or bury her yet to wait for me. I can still feel the pang of pain that time I saw her eye opened, they say that she’s waiting for her guardian and still doesn’t want to go. My brother was worried about me because I was 4mos pregnant that. I cried a lot. I held her in my arms wishing that she can breathe, she’s still warmed but nothing happened. I kissed her and I saw her face dislocate and I cried again. I cannot believe she’s taken away from me. My mom was mourning too, she doesn’t have the courage to stay at home for days.

I mourned for days. I cannot help it. My mother-in-law warned me that it will affect my baby’s development inside my womb. My husband decided to give me another pet so that I can have a diversion. She’s a maltese-pomeranian named Chixi. They both have same mother, ChaCha a Pomeranian.

Still tears streams down my face while writing this blog even after a couple of years passed by. I can clearly remember my Thupsi, the time I spent with pampering her,  chased her on the street, fed her, slept together with her up on the top of my belly, ate apple with her.

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Maybe if she’s still alive, she can play with my little daughter. So sad that it lasted forever but ended so soon.

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My father happened to meet a minor car accident last Saturday that is why we’ve been staying for days at my parent’s house these past few days. On weekdays there’s nobody to stay with him during daytime as my mother’s at work and youngest brother’s at school. He’s not disabled or something, he only had minor scrapes and bruises in his face and legs but that’s just it. I accompanied him to visit an outpatient doctor at Elizabeth Hospital and have his head and chest x-ray checked. The doctor prescribed medications for muscle pains. He seems pretty normal without any bone fracture. Thank God about that.

Our work is through net so we can be able to be anywhere, anytime as long as we have a good internet reception/connection. That is why we end up accompanying him.  He felt lonesome. One of the signs of aging I guess?

One night I went to the bathroom without switching the lights, it’s really dark but I can still remember the meter away from the kitchen, how many footsteps in the living room going to the bathroom. And suddenly I realized that I’ve been living for two decades here in this very house. I grew up here, had my childhood, puberty and adolescence. Every nook and crook of this house, i knew the story behind and had been a part of our lives.

The living room that once was full and alive, with pet, cousins and siblings watching movies or tv series together, now is a silent place with only my father watching tv alone and drinking his Gran Matador Brandy, the only thing that made his day. LOL.

The kitchen and dining area with ten hungry people waiting for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner keeps the area noisy and busy, full of laughter now seems to be quiet, inhibited and only my father  to cook his lunch.

I, now understand why suddenly he’s been very kind and very accommodating to us different from the person we knew (loud, grumpy and hot tempered). Good thing  my husband can talk to him about anything from his field of interest, they’ll sit and talk for hours. He’d be happy if our daughter called him “daddy”, he’d be happy if his other granddaughter Colyn would be on the phone.

He misses us and he’s missing the life of the house.

It’s amazing how time ticks and how it passes by, how people passes us by. But one thing’s for sure, there will always be a certain time and place that you will always remember that you and your love ones shared and cherished. This was, still and will always be my home.


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Balloons for Everyone!

Organizing and budgeting for the party is a tricky part. Now, that I am a mother, organizing a birthday party or any other party is different from what I get used to. Home parties for family is far different from bar hops J!


I understand that in a home party which is usually attended by family members with kids, a party without a decoration could be boring, especially for those who are young at heart. I canvassed balloons in party shops here in General Santos and it’s surprisingly expensive, it is already twice the price since the last time I checked. From then on, I decided to cancel balloon decors.

But on the other hand  I was organizing my baby’s first birthday party so I think of other option.

Googling for party decoration tips, I learned that a do-it-yourself party balloon decoration is possible. It is cheaper, more creative and fun!  There are many types of balloons, tricky on which type of balloon to be use. It usually depends on what type of balloon creation you’d like to create. I’ve been eyeing on creating a topiary type so what I needed is a liquid rubber called latex which will not easily blown while being stretch and a stick for foundation. I do not advise some balloon package comes with a very cheap price, it is not flexible enough for my topiary creation and it is just a waste of money. Here’s my first piece:


For wall decorations, a silver ribbon that can be twirled, masking tape to attach balloons on the wall and colorful balloons is what I needed in order to add up some drama. Oops, not enough photo but here it is anyway:

And here’s my 2nd balloon creation, a column type balloon during my GranMa’s Birthday Party. The funny thing about this is, it served as a background picture, as everyone’s toying it and age doesn’t matter!

I got a task again for my little niece 2nd birthday party next April. So i’m thinking of other creation to challenge myself in this skill. Who knows, I’ll be having a balloon art shop on my own? hehe.. but for now, it considered as a gift for my friends and families. Just provide the materials and I’ll do the balloon decorations!

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