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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

At last I found them, the photos of our wedding invitations. I’ve been looking for these photos of our wedding invitations for months. I thought I’d lost it forever.

These wedding invitations were a “do-it-yourself” wedding invitations. Not your ordinary rectangular envelope, it’s a heart-shaped type of envelope. It’s a bit difficult but somehow we managed. That’s for special guests and Principal sponsors. The ticket-thingy are for friends. For people we see in day-to-day basis, who could understand that it was in a hurry. Anyway, it still looked presentable, right?

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Local Civil Registrar’s Office

Issuance of Marriage License

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Pre-marriage Counseling Certificate (PMC) from CPMO
  3. Pre-cana Certificate from Church (if church wedding)
  4. Death Certificate of spouse (if widowed)
  5. Finality of Annulment (if annulled)
  6. Certificate of Divorce (if divorced)
  7. Community Tax Certificate (if Filipino)
  8. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from NSO (if Filipino)
  9. Personal Appearance of parents/guardian (if applicant is Filipino and between 18-26 yrs. Old)
  10. Personal Appearance of parents or witnesses (if applicant is Filipinio and 26 yrs.old and above)
  11. Legal capacity to contract marriage and passport (if foreigner)
  12. Official Receipt (OR) from CTO (PMC, certification, documentary stamp, MLA and ML)

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City Population Management Office

Pre-Marriage Counselling (PMC) Registration and Seminar

for Regular

  1. Individual Voluntary Statement Form
  2. PMC Fee Official Receipt
  3. Latest Residence Certificate (Cedula)

for Special

For Filipina/filipino

  1. Individual Voluntary Statement form
  2. PMC Fee Official Receipt
  3. Latest Residence Certificate (Cedula)

For Foreigner

  1. Certification re: Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

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Unfaithful Ones

I’ve been surrounded with people from different walks of life. The path they chose, the plans they took and their success and failure in life. And it all started with love, loving God, families, friends, loving someone special and most specially loving yourself but how could you give love if you cannot love yourself? Love, lust and greed, is it really confusing?

I won’t wash hands, I’m far from being a moral person and I’m never perfect. I have had my flaws, bad experiences that nothing to be proud of. I’ve been bitchy if that’s how you say it, but then again I knew my place. I’ve never in to a relationship with a married man or should I say the Unfaithful Ones thinking I can be a home-wrecker someday, is not my cup of tea. I have a strong family bond, all thanks to my parents who raised me though we’re dysfunctional in so many ways.

Boys, they fluctuated during my single days, but I never encouraged married men to lure me even if they are handsome with beau physique and might possibly shower me gifts, monies, false-love, admiration, and everything that a woman wishes for in a partner. I always turned them down. Married men always go back to their legal wives and that’s how it should be as they exchanged vows before God. Their vows are unbreakable unless the other one is dead, then their marriage will be null and void.

I know some people who have loved the unfaithful ones and they all ended up in a bad fate disastrously. I don’t intend to ruin their reputation or make a big joke out of them. I love them and I’ll always be around to give a hand. But seeing them now, facing problems during pregnancy and to raise a child alone makes me feel sad, it shouldn’t be that way.

If you’re in the same page like them, would you want to do the same old brand new game and realize how far you lose?  Would you want to see your unborn child being raised without a father?

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