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This movie Memento sounds crazy to me. I have to watch it twice to get the idea of the movie. It started backwards, then flashbacks which is even crazier without a subtitle embedded.

Memento directed by Christopher Nolan, starred by Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby the guy who has a short term memory loss and who can’t make new memories; and Joe Pantoliano as  Teddy who was his guide/police/benefactor.

Leonard kept tattooing his body, taking photos from a polaroid camera and taking notes for important facts reminding him of what have become of his life after “the incident”. His wife was raped and somebody hit his head damaging his brain to not function normally and made him have a short term memory loss. I never thought it exists until I read it on wiki, but usually its factor is because of STD, another topic to ponder upon. Anyway, where was I… He can remember his past but after “the incident” he can’t remember anything or cannot make new memories which only made it sad because a lot of people took advantage of his weakness. They do him as a puppet but in the end, he killed the one pulling his strings.

This Memento Movie is something I could not forget easily, it’s a mind-twisting movie. Also reminds me of what’s life is really all about and thanking the Above for giving me a normal fully functional body.

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Gone with the Wind (1939)

Stars: Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh

Category: Romance, War & Drama

I’ve been always told that Gone with the Wind Movie (1939) is one of the most beautiful movie of all times and has gathered a lot of Academy Awards for best actor, best actress, best director, best picture and etcetera. So one day, together with a friend and my husband watch the movie.

It’s about a story of a strong headed, unlady-like woman who would do anything based on her instinct to chase her happiness and ambitions. Not knowing that her will to be on top destroys every person that she loves especially his husband.  And she let them passed her by only to realize that they’re the most important being in her life. As the saying goes “You’ll never knew someone’s worth, until they’re gone”.

it can be applied to anyone whose being ambitious and forgets to keep feet on the ground. mmm i knew a lot of people just like her. and in the past I’m almost like her too. Good thing I have my baby, she made me realize that the world is a happy place with a real simple contentment in life. She neutered me. A good movie to watch, there’s loads of moral lesson in this movie!


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