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Wicker Park Movie (2004)

Wicker Park Movie (2004)

Along with the loneliness and pang of pain Matthew felt is the search for his long time ex-girlfriend to whom he had excommunicated for couple of years. The agony of pain seeking for an answer of why it ended without any valid reasons made him miserable with each detective act he played searching for the girl he knew he loved and still love. Only to realize that’s somebody’s trying to tear them apart.

This is a remake movie of L’Appartement (1996) a French film. Actually I saw the L’Appartement before Wicker Park. Single ladies would love to fall in love in the name of love if they would watch this Wicker Park Movie. Josh Hartnett portrayed the role perfectly that you would wish you were the girl in the scene and turned it into reality. That’s how I felt while I’m watching the Wicker Park Movie all over again and again! Obsessions and fighting for the love of your life is what’s the Wicker Park Movie is all about.

Hayzz.. the need to fall in love, watch this Wicker Park Movie ladies. I love you Josh Hartnett!  😀

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