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My father happened to meet a minor car accident last Saturday that is why we’ve been staying for days at my parent’s house these past few days. On weekdays there’s nobody to stay with him during daytime as my mother’s at work and youngest brother’s at school. He’s not disabled or something, he only had minor scrapes and bruises in his face and legs but that’s just it. I accompanied him to visit an outpatient doctor at Elizabeth Hospital and have his head and chest x-ray checked. The doctor prescribed medications for muscle pains. He seems pretty normal without any bone fracture. Thank God about that.

Our work is through net so we can be able to be anywhere, anytime as long as we have a good internet reception/connection. That is why we end up accompanying him.  He felt lonesome. One of the signs of aging I guess?

One night I went to the bathroom without switching the lights, it’s really dark but I can still remember the meter away from the kitchen, how many footsteps in the living room going to the bathroom. And suddenly I realized that I’ve been living for two decades here in this very house. I grew up here, had my childhood, puberty and adolescence. Every nook and crook of this house, i knew the story behind and had been a part of our lives.

The living room that once was full and alive, with pet, cousins and siblings watching movies or tv series together, now is a silent place with only my father watching tv alone and drinking his Gran Matador Brandy, the only thing that made his day. LOL.

The kitchen and dining area with ten hungry people waiting for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner keeps the area noisy and busy, full of laughter now seems to be quiet, inhibited and only my father  to cook his lunch.

I, now understand why suddenly he’s been very kind and very accommodating to us different from the person we knew (loud, grumpy and hot tempered). Good thing  my husband can talk to him about anything from his field of interest, they’ll sit and talk for hours. He’d be happy if our daughter called him “daddy”, he’d be happy if his other granddaughter Colyn would be on the phone.

He misses us and he’s missing the life of the house.

It’s amazing how time ticks and how it passes by, how people passes us by. But one thing’s for sure, there will always be a certain time and place that you will always remember that you and your love ones shared and cherished. This was, still and will always be my home.


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