Hello everyone! believe me, there’s a lot of things going inside my head in just a day. Good thing i can write some of it through blogging. I categorized it from:

  • Garden – since I really liked planting and I just recently found out that I have a green thumb!
  • All About Babies – as i’m a first time mom and would like to put my baby’s developmental milestone and other concerns about tending a baby in a journal. An e-notebook for me, if I will be having a baby again.
  • Arts – I’m a frustrated artist in just about anything, I’d like to consider myself as a multi-artist.. Arts brings spices to life and it made us appreciate little things even more.
  • General Santos City Matters – all concerns about my hometown, would like to contribute through information dissemination of some factual data to the Generals.
  • Physique Enhancement – I’m vain as any regular woman can be, or so i thought 🙂 and some health tips.
  • People – any person I have a great deal of respect or just any other person that is worthy of my attention.
  • Knowledge is Power – any living or non-living thing that is new to me and is quite interesting.
  • Wedding Tips – I been married once and preparing for a wedding ceremony is really a big responsibility. would just really like to help from giving wedding tips for some bride-to–be.
  • Movies – i always love to watch quality movies, I’ll soon finish my list of favorite movies of all times and review it one-by-one.

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