14 Apr

This dysmenorrhea illness is common for women during menstrual period. Dysmenorrhea is defined as a difficult menstrual flow or painful menstruation, a menstrual uterine contractions. It felt like being punished. Cramps and pains on my lower abdomen, dizziness, headaches, backaches, feeling exhausted and grumpy.

From my research, I learned that women who suffer from dysmenorrhea might be depressed, under stress, on a diet trying to lose weight, not having fish in a diet, drinking alcohol and a smoker. Whoa, I almost have all the factors drawing to dysmenorrhea. Now I know why I always have a dysmenorrhea whenever I am having my menstrual period.

Midol is my friend during my dysmennorhea. Midol (Generic name: Acetaminophen, Class: Analgesic + analgesic adjunct + sedating antihistamine). And a massage with chamomile oil to my back and lower abdomen.



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